Give your toilet the love it needs

A talking point we feel is not looked at as often as it should be is bathroom design. Or perhaps, more specifically, what sort of toilet you should be implementing for your room shape and usage.

The difficulties that lie in such a choice is not easy to explain either because there are so many variables that come into play that can be quite confusing for the first time buyer.

You will have numerous things to take into account when deciding on a loo that is right for you, some of which we have taken time to list out below.

Choice 1 – Bowl type

Sounds easy right? Well, that could be true, but there are a couple of considerations for you to have a long think about. The two main shapes we are dealing with are elongated and rounded. The exception to this is square, but we don’t personally recommend that option as we believe comfort lies in the other two.

To choose between either, you should consider elongated the one that focuses on comfort more, because it allows the user to be seated in a more natural position. The rounded option will take up less space, and is a sensible choice for smaller sized bathrooms in many cases.

Choice 2 – Single or dual flush

Many of the older houses in neighborhoods I have worked in have the old style, single flush models. These are very outdated and consume the same amount of water regardless of waste type.

Dual flush is what we consider to be a more modern type that gives consumers the opportunity to use less power in the flush for liquid waste, and by doing so, do their part for the environment.

Choice 3 – Brand

There are plenty of big brand names in the toilet industry. However, the three that stand out in any case tends to be Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard. These would be among the first we check out before the others, simply because of previous experience. In fact, looking around the web, we found a couple of good resources that analyzes all three of these brands in depth. These resources include and

So, there you have it. Three pointers that will put you well on your way to finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom. Remember to set yourself a budget, and stick to it the best you can, quite often you will find yourself creeping over it without even realizing.