Pruning effectively using a pole saw

One of man kinds greatest inventionsĀ is the motor. It can be applied and has been in so many different ways over the years. But what we’re looking at today is how it has effectively been used on garden power tools such as the pole saw.

This tool is an overlooked, king of tree trimming which is probably more often seen as a chainsaw on a long pole to reach the higher branches. And they would be correct in thinking that. This invention makes those sometimes dangerous working environments a lot safer by removing a lot of the need for climbing and putting oneself in precarious situations.

Taking a look at the current industry, there are a lot of different options to choose from with several gas, and electric based which each come with their own benefits according to

You also have plenty of choice in brands, with some very well known names such as Husqvarna and GreenWorks, and some lesser known names that include some fantastic options and hold their own against some of the leaders on the pole saw market.

But to really understand the effectiveness of these tools, you would need to have a hands on approach and get to work trimming, pruning, and cutting the trees and shrubbery in your own front yard! Only then will you see how many hours can be saved with a bit of hard work and a well designed tool.

I myself used to spend countless hours in the spring maintaining all the plants and trees in a much more laborious manor. The old school route of secateurs and saws was my go to method, and it was certainly effective. Unfortunately, doing things that way takes its toll on your body and over time you will begin to seek out easier, less tiresome options. And this is certainly one of them.

Aside from the safety precautions that should be observed, and the original price tag, there really isn’t too many downsides to investing in one of these pole pruners. You can even find cordless variants that are charged and remove the hassle of untangling cables as you move around the garden.