Warm up your home in the winter using space heaters

Many people live in cooler climates around the world, so this piece is dedicated to those of you looking to warm up the rooms in the household on the cheap. There are many ways to do this effectively, but something we truly believe in is the use of space heaters.

You will no doubt come across many different types of these heating appliances when out shopping. Some hold advantages over others as documented by many online resources. However, we want to divert focus to several of the leading options currently proving popular for consumers. Some of these we will list out below for you to draw your own conclusions.


These style heaters will produce warmth via infrared rays. A very effective option that can come in highly portable packages that are easy to move around the home, and place in corners. What’s more, you will often find them at reasonably affordable prices meaning you could in theory deploy more than one. Power can vary wildly with some offering the capability to only heat up small spaces like a garage, whilst others will effectively warm a much larger area like an outside patio.


Many of these oil based products come in the form of a radiator. Which is highly effective at producing heat for anything up to a medium sized space. Plenty of choice in this department, with lots of cheap and expensive options, and products from a wide variety of leading brands such as Delonghi. A sensible option that many people choose to go for because it’s tried and tested, whilst remaining cost effective.

Wood stove

Looking at the wood stove guide over on warm home guide, it’s easy to see why people are flocking to this method of heating. The power output capability is well above many of the average appliances, but unlike those units, you will need to re fuel it fairly often with new logs or pellets. If stockpiling firewood isn’t a problem for you, this is a great option and one that will achieve a terrific burn for long periods of time.